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Little Known Staging Tips (To Sell Your Home For More)


It’s a well known fact that spring is the busiest time for real estate. Since the Nashville real estate market has barely slowed in winter, we expect even more activity beginning in March. Spring is fantastic time to sell a Nashville home and most homes should sell easily. However with a few little known staging tips a home could sell for even more!

Here are our favorite little known staging tips to get top dollar for your home:

Front Door

Most home sellers understand (or have been told) the importance of cleaning, decluttering and cleaning again. Certainly the significance of curb appeal is no secret. However, in our experience as Nashville REALTORS we’ve found it’s the front door and front entry that set the tone for a home viewing. Staging a home’s front door (exterior) and entry (interior) doesn’t have to cost a fortune, but it can add up quickly in offers. These 12 tips from Better Homes and Gardens are spot on!


Another lesser known staging tip is to focus on scent. Too often, homeowners have grown accustomed to how a house smells. Unsavory odors from pets, kids, or food can linger around and cause potential homebuyers to turn away. Don’t go overboard with perfumes or sprays though. Keep it simple, light and consistent such as a citrus or orange smell that’s barely perceptible. The point isn’t to have homebuyers wondering how you scent your home, but to keep them from being distracted by aggressive odors.


All good home stagers know the value of lighting. While homes flooded with gorgeous natural light are ideal, sometimes it simply isn’t possible. Like smells, a home’s lighting choice can drastically alter how it looks. Bad, dim, or yellowed lighting can leave a beautiful room feeling dingy, dark and uninviting. Focus on allowing as much natural light as possible, dust off lampshades, and add more lighting to darker rooms to keep things bright and and warm for homebuyers.  Lighting is also a great place to add easy and inexpensive updates to a home to make it feel more modern and appealing.

Staging a home to sell doesn’t have to cost a fortune or require a professional. By using the most well-known tricks and these little known staging tips, your Nashville home can look its best and is more likely to win over buyers!

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