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Is Now The Time To Sell Your Home



It has been a wild season for Nashville real estate! We aren’t officially out of winter yet, but Nashville home buyers don’t seem to mind. January was a record month for real estate transactions, indicating that as long as there are homes for sale there are more than enough buyers for them. We know many people have been waiting before listing their homes, and we feel certain many more are considering selling this year.

There are so many factors for a homeowner to consider before they put their home on the market. We know it’s a heavy experience, preparing for change — and that is exactly what selling a beloved home is.

Whether you’re moving to a different neighborhood or another state, chances are you have lived and loved and laughed in the current home you’re in. You may have raised children, or experienced great moments in your life while in your house. Selling your home can be another one of those wonderful memories, though it often kicks off feeling a bit overwhelming at the start.

We get a lot of questions from clients, and potential clients, each week. From what upgrades need to happen before you sell to staging a home to comps in various neighborhoods. We thought this week we would focus on a question we have been receiving a lot of lately — in case it’s top-of-mind in your household as well:

Is now the time to sell?

One  advantage of selling right now  is the lower inventory, which means less competition for home sellers. A few more weeks and the activity of listings is sure to pick up. We are already seeing more options on the market. Though we feel certain Nashville homes will continue to sell quickly, it may take longer than the 57 days (on average) we are seeing at this moment.  Rates are also still low, though this too could change in the future. As rates start to jump, buyers will be less apt to take action and may try to wait for a decrease.  Bottom line – now is an excellent time to list. April 1st is the #1 day of the year for listing a home. Why wait until everyone else lists?

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***Updated 2/9/17***

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