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How To Be A Dream Tenant


Though they need to keep their properties occupied, many landlords actually hate the process of finding tenants because they don’t know what kind of luck they are going to have. Here are some things you can do to make you look like a dream tenant both before you move in and after.

How to be a dream tenant:

Make sure your credit score is in order

One of the best predictors of whether you will be a good tenant is your credit score. People with high credit scores achieve them by paying bills on time and not missing payments, which is something a landlord wants. A high credit score also marks you as someone who is responsible. To know whether your credit score is in good shape, you need to check your credit report, which you can do for free each year.

Have a good rental history

Another way to market yourself as a good tenant is to have a positive rental history. You can do that by paying your rent on time, not violating any lease terms and leaving your rental in good shape when you leave. Ask previous landlords for recommendations you can show to your new prospective landlord.

Account for everyone who will live with you

When you meet with a prospective landlord, make sure to be clear with him or her who will be living with you in the apartment and what names will be on the lease. It also helps to bring those people along with you. On the other hand, don’t bring along people who won’t be living with you, such as a boyfriend or your parents.

Get your pet situation in order

If you have a pet, you obviously need to find rentals that allow pets. But you can help your situation by having the right kind of pet. Most landlords that allow pets want small dogs. You should stay away from large aggressive breeds such as pit bulls, which landlords hate not just because of the potential for damaging the apartment but also for the liability risk.

Pay your rent on time and follow the lease terms

Once you move in, the way to be a dream tenant is to pay your rent on time, follow the terms of the lease and not cause any problems, either for your landlord or fellow tenants. Do that, and your landlord will love having you!

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