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How Emotions Influence The House We Buy


It’s true that buying a home is one of the biggest investment decisions made in a person’s life. It’s also equally true that unlike other investments, buying a house involved a lot of emotion. A LOT.  Too often home buyers find emotion taking the center stage when it comes to a home buying decision. This is one area where REALTORS can really stand out. Experienced real estate agents can help ensure that home buyers are considering all aspects of a home – including whether or not it’s a sound investment.  Still, it’s hard in the midst of a home buying search. To help avoid a feeling-over-fact decision, here are the most common ways emotions influence the house we buy.

You “feel” like you should own a home

The fact is, most of us reach a point where we feel like we should own a home. Maybe we’ve reach a particular place in life that involves full-time careers and possibly a family. Those are certainly signs that owning a home would be a logical next step. In truth, home buyers need to asses if they are truly ready to buy a home. Look at the long term picture – are you likely to stay in Nashville for the next couple of years? Are your finances in order? Do you have money for a downpayment? Is your credit history good? If you answer yes to all of those, then you may be ready to buy a home. If the answer was no, then maybe it’s not time right now. Instead, you can set that as a future goal and work toward it.

It’s got to be “perfect”

We’ve all seen the HGTV shows where home buyers are shown the home of their dreams only to be told it’s far outside their price range. It’s a little bit hard to watch the let down as these buyers realize their expectations are far too high. But, we see it all the time in real life too. Most home buyers have a long list of what they want in a home. That’s wonderful to guide a search, but in low inventory markets it may be time to look at priorities over perfect when it comes to buying. Let an experienced agent show you homes outside of your original search parameters and be open to adapting a few things. Otherwise, while waiting for the dream home at the dream price, you may miss out altogether.

You fall in love

On the flip side of waiting for perfection is when a home buyer thinks a home is perfect and he/she falls in love. We’ve already written about the emotional distress of losing out on a home you love. It’s tough. And we all know love makes logic fly right out the window. If you aren’t being helped by a trusted REALTOR you may just be willing to offer far too much for a home just because you can’t stand the thought of losing it. To help prevent this, buyers should look at multiple properties and even view the beloved home more than once.

You only want the “deal”

Every home buyers has the same end goal: find a great house at a great price. Every home seller has the same end goal: sell the home for as much as possible. When homes are priced fairly and both home buyers and home sellers have respected real estate agents to help, the process is a simple negotiation. When homes are overprices, the seller must face reality. However, sometimes the home is priced fairly and a home buyer insists on lowballing just because they want a “deal.” If that’s the case, you will potentially turn off home sellers and risk losing homes to other buyers time and time again.

Buying a home is an emotional process. So, let a trusted real estate agent help guide you through the process! Call DeSelms Real Estate today at 615.550.5565 and speak to one of our award winning agents today!


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