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Home Upgrades Worth The Cost


Home upgrades come in wide variety and with a huge range of price tags. A common misconception among homeowners is that all upgrades pay off if the home is sold. Unfortunately, a home upgrade does not necessarily mean a profit, or even that you’ll recoup the cost of the job. The good news is that some come pretty close.

Whether you want an upgrade for personal enjoyment or to prepare a home for sale, here are home upgrades worth the cost:


If it’s been a few years since your home had a fresh coat of paint, it’s time to consider having that done. Paint is a favorite upgrade for decorators and REALTORS because it is relatively low cost for a dramatic result. Homes instantly feel cleaner, fresher and more modern with a new paint job. All of which translates into a higher payout as well.


Kitchens are often considered the heart of the home.  Modern floor plans are even designed to let there be an open flow from the kitchen to the living room. So, any home upgrades done in the kitchen are usually worth it. This includes cabinets, countertops and appliances. A remodeled kitchen goes far with home buyers. Of course, current homeowners can also enjoy and appreciate a new kitchen!


Out of date, dingy carpet or peeling laminate can unnecessarily age your home. Quality flooring can completely transform a space and is considered a highly appealing upgrade to home buyers. Currently, more people prefer hardwood floors over just about everything and advanced technology has created several options for all budgets. Carpet is still lovely in bedrooms and even a lower grade version is preferred over any older one. Like paint, home upgrades to flooring are totally worth the cost.


Another upgrade that gives a good return on investment is landscaping. It makes sense since landscaping adds to the overall curb appeal of a home, which is essentially a home’s first impression. Homeowners often tend to overlook overgrown bushes and shrubs, not recognizing that this may block the view of the home as well as darken the interior. An elaborate landscape overhaul isn’t necessary, but spending money to improve the landscaping is money well spent.

Home upgrades can get costly quickly depending on the choices made by the homeowners. Knowing which ones are worth the cost is a good way to keep costs from spiraling out of control when considering a remodel or home improvement project. While certain upgrades are made for sheer enjoyment, it’s always nice to know which ones come close to paying for themselves when it’s time to sell.

If you are considering upgrades for your home in order to sell it, call DeSelms Real Estate today at 615.550.5565 to discuss it with one of our award winning REALTORS!

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