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    The Nashville real estate market is strong again (hooray!) these days. Homes are selling quickly and for higher asking prices than last year. So, why is it some home sellers still want to bring in a professional to stage their home? And more importantly, is it worth it to hire out for home staging?

    Truthfully, not every home seller needs a professional to come and stage their home. However, every home does need some staging in order to be seen in its best state.

    The advantages of home staging

    • Your house stands out – Just because homes are selling again doesn’t mean there’s no competition in the market. Staging one’s home properly is simply effective marketing. Done correctly, home staging will set your house apart from the others. Will people know that it’s staged? Possibly, if not probably. The funny part is, even if people know that it was professionally done, it will not take away from the enhanced affect on the home when it’s shown.
    • Your home’s potential is highlighted – Spending time to go through each room and maximize it’s potential will go a long way with homebuyers. Most homebuyers respond well to the visual presentation of furniture arrangements, good lighting, etc.
    • Your homes negatives are diminished – Home staging means working around the negatives of your house. Funky floor plan? Use furniture and art to enhance its charm instead.

    Top tricks for home staging


    In the photo above notice how the before is clean, clean, clean. There’s no clutter and no personal photos or touches. So, this homeowner already was on the right track by having a clean slate to show homebuyers.

    However, when a professional staging company came in, they added plants, visual interest to the wall and curtains. And the after does indeed look more appealing than the before. Why? Because this home staging company understands these top home staging tricks:

    • Add warmth but keep it neutral – Adding the art and mirror to the wall makes it visually more interesting. Yet, each piece is very neutral and they work together rather than competing for the eye’s attention.
    • Highlight the best feature – Each room has a “best” feature. For this small bathroom, it’s the lovely natural light. By adding curtains and the two houseplants, the natural light of the bathroom suddenly becomes the focus, not the size of the bathroom.
    • Bring nature in – Adding fresh flowers, plants, and even branches into the decor of a room evokes the outdoors and has a big impact on buyers.

    While all home sellers need to embrace home staging, not everyone needs to hire out for it. Ask a family member or friends with keen sense of design to come over and give some advice. Research for tips like these 15 basics from HGTV and look for examples like the one above. Any extra effort put into home staging is bound to make a difference in the long run!

    Would you like to sell your Nashville house and need to know how to stage it? Call us today and we’ll be happy to help you get started!

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