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Home Staging In Real Estate



There is a reason that nearly all of the HGTV remodeled and renovated homes look amazing. Sure, the work is incredible but we are talking about the www. When the big reveals take place the home owners and audience immediately start to ooh and ahh about all the transformations. What we don’t consciously notice (at least at first) is that home is also staged for this big reveal. In other words, how it’s being shown may not be how the home is actually used while living there. That’s the power of home staging in real estate: it’s presenting a home in its best possible light, showcasing the finest features and minimizing any awkward elements.

While most of us think we have great taste and style (and no doubt we all do)  staging is actually about removing personal style and making a home appeal to as many people as possible. Staging is a proven tactic for selling homes at higher prices or for helping move along homes that have been on the market too long. Here are some other things to know about home staging:

How it works
Staging a home can have a large effect on a buyer’s view of a home as these homes often showcase better even in the initial photographs presented with the listing. This initial interest can lead to increased showings and more prospects. Since a staged home is not decorated to personal taste, but generally involves more neutral choices in decor and furniture it becomes more appealing to a greater number of people who can imagine living there.

Here’s a great example: an older, restored home staged with interesting pieces that integrate well with the home’s character is more likely to impress buyers than if the same home was full of mismatched furniture from different eras that competes with the home’s overall aesthetic. Here are some great examples of different areas of a home where home staging helps significantly.

It can be cheap or expensive
Obviously, working with a professional stager brings many advantages. Like any expert, an experienced stager brings tricks, tips and even an array of furniture to help maximize your home’s potential. Hiring a home stager could be costly but may be worth the expense if it means multiple offers or higher sales price. If your home has been on the market for an extended period of time with no offers, it could be a wise investment to hire a home stager.

DIY tips
Don’t panic if adding in a professional wasn’t part of your plans to sell your home. There are many DIY tips for home sellers that can make a big impact. These and these are great places to start. If your home is in a highly desirable area, home staging is less likely to be needed unless your aiming for an offer over the value of the home.


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