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Home Renovation Mistakes To Avoid



Home renovations can be as exciting as purchasing a new home. Whether you’ve been saving for years or are looking to purchase a fixer-upper, these tips might save you time and money during the process. Watch our for these common home renovation mistakes!

Spending too little…or too much

It is not easy to part with hard-earned money, especially during a home remodel where the costs can add up quickly. It’s tempting to always go with the lowest bidder for a job, but not always wise. Be sure any contractor you use is reputable and thorough so you aren’t caught off guard by shoddy work or surprise costs. Equally important is understanding what changes suit your home. Just because high-end countertops ( think marble) are having a moment doesn’t mean they are a necessary addition to your kitchen remodel. Filling a home with high end details may not be worth the hit to the pocket book. The costs also may not be recouped should you sell the home in the future.

Going too cheap behind the scenes

Another common home renovation mistake is when homeowners aren’t willing to spend money on the unseen necessities like moisture barriers and insulation. Spending money on items that increase energy savings or prevent future problems (think mold) are not only worth it but save money in the long run.

Getting too trendy

We love watching HGTV as much as everyone else. Yet, adding too many trendy elements to your remodeling project may cause regret pretty quickly (think shag carpet). IT’s better to stick with timeless choices and let the trends come in details that are easy to change out later. For example, pick traditional cabinets in a kitchen but select interesting knobs or pulls to add interest, such as brass. When brass has come and gone, you can change out the hardware relatively inexpensively.

Not planning ahead

Renovating one room at a time could make sense for your budget, but only if you have a solid plan in place that takes the whole house into consideration. Moving walls and changing floor plans can be done in pieces over time to keep costs affordable, but without a master plan you might overlook important (and expensive) missteps.

In the end, home remodeling should feel exciting and leave you loving your home more than ever. With careful planning and clear thinking, the process can be fun and fairly stress free!

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