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How Home Maintenance Affects Buying And Selling A House


When we work with Nashville clients on buying and selling homes, many factors come into the conversation about price. Both home buyers and sellers consider home values in the area, square footage, and general curb appeal. However, home maintenance affects buying and selling a house too. In fact, it plays a significant role in how attractive a home is and in how that affects others who view the home.

Curb Appeal

Well maintained homes have more curb appeal. In our years in the Nashville real estate market, we’ve found that well-maintained homes generally show better, with an increased sense of curb appeal to home buyers.  Major renovations are not always feasible for sellers prior to listing a home. Most homeowners can invest some time and elbow grease, however, in clearing out overgrown landscaping, repairing cracks, replacing broken windows, etc. Don’t have time to do all the things? Consider a handyman service company to knock things off your honey-do list.

For example, in the picture above, imagine that someone had taken the time to tame the landscaping. Without even setting foot inside the home, it could make a huge difference on the first impression of a potential home buyer. What looks like run-down and neglected now could easily transform into an older home with potential for the right home buyer.

Here’s a list of 10 must-do repairs prior to selling.


No hidden surprises

The last thing either home buyers or home sellers want is a surprise issue revealed in a home inspection. Proper home maintenance can generally prevent this. Homeowners can create a monthly, seasonal, or annual check list to help prevent or fix any minor issues before they become larger and escalate into full-blown problems. Here’s a handy guide for getting started.

For the home buyer, feeling confident that the previous owners valued home maintenance usually means they feel better about the overall condition of the home as well. Though no resale home can come with a 100% guarantee, a well-maintained one is almost as good for a home buyer.  Home buyers typically want homes with newer appliances, little repairs, and updated plumbing and electrical.

Asking Price

Often, home inspections have a long list of small items that involve minor repairs. Some times home inspections do present concerns that may have been unknown even to the seller. At that point, the buyer and seller must engage in a negotiation about whether or not those repairs need to be done by the seller or if the asking price will be lowered instead.

Naturally, when overall curb appeal and home buyer confidence is higher, sellers can also look for higher asking prices. Homes that have fresh paint, clean floors, no visible cracks in the walls and ceilings are going to fare much better than if those minor flaws were left untouched.

It’s important for home sellers to remember that home maintenance is not the same as upgrades. Upgrades and remodeling can be done over time or not at all, depending on taste and budget. Home maintenance is part of every home owner’s responsibility and safety concerns and replacing out of date fixtures is not only important but necessary to sell a home quickly in today’s real estate market.

Ready to sell your Nashville home and need some help with home maintenance versus home upgrades? Give us a call today and we can help you get the most for your home! DeSelms Real Estate 615.550.5565


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