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Home Inspection Results That Could Kill The Deal


Whether you are the buyer or the seller, the home inspection is a big deal. Too often buyers fall in love with a home and set an emotional attachment prior to finding out its exact condition. For home sellers, the home inspection results may reveal a previously unknown issue that needs to be addressed.

Home inspection reports are long and increasingly very detailed. This is normal and should not cause either buyers or sellers to panic. The report is designed to give both parties information on the condition of the home, broken out into categories such as “electrical” and “plumbing”. The report will also include any areas of concern with a recommendation for further actions or evaluations.

Again, this is all standard procedure and it’s highly unlikely ANY home is found perfect in a home inspection report. However, there are certain home inspection results that could kill the deal and buyers and sellers alike should be aware of them.

Deal Killer #1: Bad Bones

Often home buyers consider a “fixer-upper” house with the understanding that some remodeling and/or repairs will be needed. What they may not have considered is the extent of work needed. Homebuyers expecting to overhaul a kitchen may not be interested in dealing with foundation work. Frame, roofline, floor plan and drainage are all part of a home’s original footprint and issues found there may just cause the homebuyer to walk away for good.

Deal Killer #2: Health Concerns

Home inspection results that reveal any causes for concern to health related issues also scare home buyers away quickly. A positive radon or asbestos test translates into expensive actions that must be taken to make the home safe. The same is true for black mold, which is generally caused by other issues with foundation or plumbing that would need to be addressed quickly. These issues aren’t the kind to DIY either. Hiring professionals is imperative and therefor expensive and it’s likely the home buyer will not be interested.

Deal Killer #3: Termites

No pests are welcome in a home, but termites are often a complete deal breaker for a home sale. Termites can eat up the framing of a house, which means lots of wood to replace. The fact is a homeowner may not even be aware they have a problem until extensive damage has been done.If home inspection results indicate any evidence of termite activity, have it checked immediately by a termite professional. There are times when the activity is from a past problem and a qualified termite inspector can provide a written confirmation of that. If the activity is current and not terrible, the home seller may be able to just pay for the treatment to remove the termites. Still, any termite activity is too much for many home buyers and the deal is dead upon the inspection results.

The home inspection is a tense time for both buyers and sellers. Have a great agent on your side can make a world of difference for both guidance and peace of mind. If you’d like to work with a great agent on buying or selling your Nashville home, call DeSelms Real Estate today at 615.550.5565!


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