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Home Buyer Tips: Top 3 Buyer Mistakes


Buying a new home involves an incredible amount of information, multiple steps and costs. For new home buyers this can process can be an intense learning curve. For experienced home buyers, the process is not as overwhelming. For both, we suggest avoiding these 3 buyer mistakes that can be all too easy to make.

Don’t ditch the home inspection 

It can be tempting to skip the home inspection, particularly with a new construction home. We encourage you to ALWAYS get one though. We understand the desire to cut costs as a buyer, but this misstep will most likely cost more later. An experienced home inspector looks for material defects of the property, and these defects if undetected can cost homeowners thousands of dollars down the road. Instead of skipping an inspection, buyers should tag along – ask questions about anything that looks out of place, and insist their inspector check basements, crawl spaces, attics and mechanical rooms. It’s crucial these rooms are maintained well, and a good inspector will know what to look for.

Be aware of added costs

Don’t fall completely in love with a house with out the homeowner’s quote. It’s easy to consider the mortgage to be the only cost of a home, especially if you’re used to paying rent.  Home buyers often neglect to consider upcoming utilities, repair costs, property taxes and HOA fees. An experienced real estate agent will walk you through these other costs to ensure you aren’t buying a home outside your budget. There is nothing worse than stretching too thin as a home buyer and not having the ability to actually enjoy the new home due to added costs.

Make Smart Upgrades

Even when home buyers purchase a move-in ready home, they want to make changes.  If a homeowner has moved into a bigger home, there are often new rooms to fill and new furniture to consider. Rather than entering into too much credit card debt all at once, live in your house for a while and get used to the space. For those wanting to tackle multiple projects, consider spreading them out over time. Save first and then buy later, moving slowly through your new home to keep debt at bay.

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