This or That: Holiday Decorating

    Nothing says holiday spirit like putting up a tree with all the trimmings, stringing twinkling lights about the interior and exterior of a house, and filling the yard and mantle with decorations. Or does it? Holiday spirit comes from within, and whether you’re a big decorator, or your Christmas cheer is punctuated with a smile, we thought we’d explore whether to trim or not to trim in this week’s this or that.This


    For many families, once children come into the picture, decorating for the holidays is an expression of joyful work. As a child, it’s a magical time – celebrating Christmas and receiving presents. You wake up and Santa has come to spread good tidings, and throughout the season the house is decorated and festive (and you don’t have to lift a finger!). As a parent, the magic may dissipate a little when the decorating becomes work. Or it may make the holiday even more memorable, as you’re the one who gets to create the joy.

    Creating a Christmas wonderland means making unforgettable memories, which is what this couple in Tennessee has been doing for more than fifty years! With more than fifty trees in their home, the Witherow family offers guided tours – creating and making memories with all who enter their home. While fifty is an ambitious goal, it’s certainly a commendable undertaking and a great opportunity to share tree trimming with the whole family!



    Not everyone is home for the holidays. If your family schedule is heavy with travel this December, it can be a lot of work to decorate a home you won’t spend much time in. Instead of trimming the tree, and filling the yard with a Santa and his noble steeds, perhaps make a new tradition. Go and see the lights at Opryland or Cheekwood, or one of the neighborhoods famous for their festive décor.

    If you’re not in to holiday decorating for any reason, never fear. There are so many ways to spread holiday cheer. Volunteer at a shelter, or sponsor a family who can’t afford a Christmas. Spread your holiday good will with a smile or a kind gesture. Remember, there are so many ways to be festive this year, and there is no rule on how you go about it!

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