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HOA: Pros And Cons Of A Homeowner’s Association

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If you’ve never experienced an HOA, or Homeowner’s Association, you may not know how you feel about them. Homeowners tend to either love them or hate them. Here’s why.

HOA Pros

  • Lookin’ good – Have you ever driven through a neighborhood and felt it had a cohesive look to it; all the lawns appeared well manicured and the homes were in good condition with similar architecture styles and paint colors? If so, chances are good the neighborhood has an HOA. In fact, one of the main benefits for an HOA is having a well-set of established rules that all homeowners must follow. This helps keep property values up as well since homes are not allowed to fall into disrepair or neglect.
  • Private amenities – Another perk of an HOA? That usually means there is a clubhouse, play areas, common grounds and/or pool. Naturally, these are not open to the public but only available to homeowners and guests.
  • Maintenance – Some HOAs even address plumbing, landscaping and snow removal. Common areas and the amenities are also cared for via the HOA.
  • Mediator – Another benefit to having an HOA is the built-in ability for HOA mediation among homeowners. Should a neighbor keep you up at night or let their dog bark in the yard all day, the HOA can step in to resolve neighborly disputes before they escalate.

HOA Cons

  • Fees – Of course, there is a cost associated with amenities and upkeep. HOA fees can get pretty high, depending on the neighborhood and amenities and homeowners have to factor in those monthly costs when buying a home.
  • Rules – Remember how that cohesive neighborhood looked? Well, the downside is that everyone MUST follow all the rules, even the ones that seem silly. No home renovations are made without prior approval by the board either. For some homeowners this feels like a loss of freedom so be sure you know the rules of the HOA before buying.
  • Politics – HOA boards are volunteer run, generally by people who just want to help do their part within the neighborhood. The problem is neighborhoods are chocked full of different opinions. It doesn’t take long for a vote over raising the dues to turn into a political battleground. Trying to keep quiet doesn’t always work either as sometimes you can be accused of “not pulling your weight.” Generally, problems get worked out, issues are decided and people move on just fine. Still, if you prefer to keep your distance from this kind of behavior, you may not want to be part of an HOA.

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