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High Rates Of Return On Home Improvement Projects

Every home authority agent and news outlet is reporting about home improvement projects that give homeowners the most bang for their buck. Surprisingly, they all agree on replacing one key part of a home to provide the biggest WOW factor. The frontrunner for replacement: the front door. But that isn’t the only option! Attics and decks have also become popular, any many homeowners are discovering the perks of high rates of return on home improvement projects.


Here are a few other projects to consider:

Steel entrance doors

Replacing a wood door with a steel one is a huge improvement because it is much safer and it requires very little maintenance. Steel doors can be painted any color or pattern to match the style of the home. According to House Logic, this change can net homeowners nearly 100 percent return on their investment.

Wood decks

Adding a deck to a home increases the amount of living space even if it is on the outside of the home. A wood deck gives people room to gather with friends and family, relax after a job well-done, and spend time reflecting on life decisions. U.S. News has rated wood decks as their number three choice of top five items that give homeowners the most return for money spent on decks.

Attic renovations

Attic bedrooms have become a popular trend that is helping growing families add a bit of much-needed space to their home. The best part about adding a bedroom to a home is that it significantly increases the value of the house. To be considered a bedroom, the attic must have a closet and at least one window.


Kitchens always have been and probably always will be the number one thing that people can change to increase the value of their home. New faucets, fixtures, and hardware go a long way, but a fresh set of cabinets, granite countertops, and upgraded appliances are where the bulk of the money should be spent. Adding custom seating like window benches with storage are another wise investment.


Everyone wants to have a spotless bathroom. When preparing to sell a home, the owners might want to consider new lighting and a bathtub surround at the very least. Older bathrooms that have never been remodeled may make the most money with a full renovation. For rooms that just need a bit of pizzazz, a few bells and whistles like rain showerheads or an in-shower stereo system may be all that is needed.

Are we missing any other high rate of return home improvement projects? What are the go-to’s you look for as a home buyer and seller?

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