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Here’s What To Know About Pest Control

We know as homeowners, you have to take numerous steps before listing your home for sale. While it can seem daunting at times, these steps are designed to position your property in the best possible light for interested buyers.


While a fresh coat of paint on the walls and some extra attention to the lawn to boost curb appeal can do wonders, you don’t want to overlook the importance of pest control when selling a home. The presence of even a single roach (or hearing the pitter-patter of tiny feet scurrying in the attic) will quickly make an interested buyer lose interest in a home. Selling your home? Here’s what to know about pest control:

Be Aware of Current Pest Issues

As a homeowner, you are likely aware of the presence of any pest or rodent issues on your property. For example, you may regularly fight fire ant mounds that crop up in your backyard, or you may see a roach or two scurry away when you turn the kitchen light on at night. Keep in mind that for the few pests that you have seen, there may be more pests on the property you have not yet seen.

If you are aware of pest issues, a smart idea is to combat them head on. Professional pest control services can be used to eradicate the pest problem that you are dealing with now so that potential buyers do not get frightened away when they tour your home.

Pest Inspection

Even if you do not believe that you have a pest problem, it is beneficial to order a pest inspection. In all likelihood, one will be requested during the inspection of the home anyway. A pest inspection can be provided to the future home buyers as an act of good faith to show that the property they are interested in is free of pests. It can also give you peace of mind that your property will show well because no pests will be cropping up to ruin a home tour!

As you are making a list of all of the things that should be done before your home is listed for sale, be sure to include ordering pest service to the list. Whether you need proactive pest control treatment or a preemptive pest inspection completed, you will enjoy the benefit of being able to list your property for sale with confidence that you have all of your bases covered.

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