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Helpful Checklists For Homebuyers And Home Sellers


Buying and selling a home is one of the biggest transitions most of us will ever make. The following checklists can streamline the processes and help you achieve success in either buying or selling a home.

Checklist for Buying a Home

Find the School Ratings

Naturally, homebuyers with children want their kids to attend well-ranked schools, but it is also an important consideration for those without children since local school performance is one of the biggest factors in your resale value. You can find school information on many listing sites, including ours.

Get a Home Inspection

Cosmetic repairs such as needing new paint or flooring are easy to detect, but there may be much more expensive repairs that are not always so apparent. Protect yourself by hiring a licensed home inspector to thoroughly review the home. This is a huge priority & can save you a lot of money in the long run.

Find Out the Tax Rate

Different areas can vary greatly in what the charge for taxes, which will effect your payment. Did you know that Williamson County has lower property taxes than Davidson County? If you’re having trouble finding local information like that, ask a local REALTOR to help you out.

Check Out the Traffic/Transportation Options

Sometimes buyers think they have found the perfect place to live until they move in and find out that the commute to work is terrible. To see what life is really going to be like when you buy that home, try driving there in rush hour traffic and find out what modes of public transportation are available.

Explore the Local Area

Is there a beautiful park or a huge landfill near the home you are looking to buy? Taking at least a quick tour around the area is always a good idea. This is also a great time to look for local amenities, grocery stores, & other vital necessities.

Checklist for Selling a Home

Have a Good Curb Appeal

How good your home looks in the front will directly affect how many buyers actually go into the home to view it. Make your yard as tidy as possible and repair any damages to the front exterior that you can. It pays to make a great 1st impression!

Get a Pre-Home Inspection

Finding out ahead of time if something needs to be fixed before a buyer has an inspection done can save a lot of time and hassle and determine what price you set. The last thing you want is a homebuyer walking away from the table because of an issue you didn’t even know existed.

Clean Thoroughly

A clean, uncluttered home will send a message to buyer that the owner has taken good care of the home, and it will make it easier to pack for when you move. Might as well get it done early!

Determine Your Selling Price

Research the area to find out what nearby selling prices have been and how quickly homes sold. Contact a local REALTOR for help determining the proper asking price & realistic sales expectations.

Fix All the Small Stuff

Repairing any small, inexpensive things is an easy way to boost your sale price. Don’t let the little things get attention for all the wrong reasons. If there are a lot of little repairs to be done when your house is listed, potential buyers may see those as red flags to bigger issues.

Whether you’re looking to buy your next home or sell your current one, take a moment & make a checklist of your own to ensure you get the experience (and the home) you want. Call DeSelms Real Estate today for any help with buying or selling your next Nashville home!

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