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Grateful Homeowners: 10 Reasons To Love Living In Nashville


November is the month for appreciation and social media is bursting with gratitude lists and posts. We thought this was the perfect opportunity to highlight our own Music City and all the reasons people love being here. Though we could go on forever, we decided to focus on the top features of our fair city that seem to resonate with the hundreds of homeowners we’ve helped over the years. If you are considering a move, these reasons may be enough to convince you to go for it. If you are a Nashville native then these can remind you why you are a grateful homeowner already.

10 Reasons to Love Living In Nashville

  1. Affordability – Yes, even with a crazy housing market Nashville remains far more affordable than other major cities. No state income tax is a big plus too.
  2. Southern Charm – We could have made this at least 10 separate bullet points about the various aspects of southern charm Nashville embodies. Let’s just sum it up by saying our people are friendly, our streets are clean, and there are enough eccentricities to keep it interesting.
  3. Food – The food scene in Nashville has been highlighted by magazines, bloggers and tv shows alike. There is no doubt that food is a very big deal around here. With a large number of celebrity chefs continuing to open restaurants we don’t see this trend changing.
  4. Music – Country music may still be king but Nashville has a large number of Indie rockers who call it home now too. The music scene is diverse and robust and remains part of Nashville’s pulse.
  5. Activities – Arts, professional sports, theater, etc….Nashville now has a selection of everything to satisfy just about everyone. During any given week, the number of fascinating things to do around town gives residents plenty of choices for entertainment.
  6. Nature – For transplants used to other concrete jungles, Nashville is a breath of fresh air. Wide, open green spaces are sprinkled throughout the city. There are also plenty of hiking trails, walkways, nature centers and scenic views to enjoy almost year round.
  7. Weather – It’s true we have seen snow and ice, though not much and not often. And it’s possible that when it happens we might just close all the offices in town to enjoy it. Mostly, winters are mild and it’s close to December before  heaters kick on. Summers bring the heat and humidity but most residents acclimate easily enough. Fall and spring are to die for and there’s no denying the beauty of Middle Tennessee then.
  8. Opportunity – Nashville is a well-known healthcare hub, but it’s continuing to make a name in tech and entrepreneurship. For homebuyers seeking jobs and opportunity, this is a great bet.
  9. Community – So, despite being a large city Nashville is really broken up into smaller communities and neighborhoods. This appeals to lots of families and young professional looking to plug in and connect with others. Each area has it’s own flavor and scene too, which makes it easy for home buyers to determine the right fit.
  10. Surrounding Areas – Honestly, another great thing about Nashville is not the city itself but the cities around it. Pick any direction and you are bound to find another incredible town that offers a quick commute to the city, with enough distance to enjoy a quieter life. This makes it easy to live just outside Nashville and still enjoy all it has to offer!

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