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Features That Sell A Home Fast


With Spring right around the corner, many homeowners are considering putting their Nashville homes on the market. The Nashville real estate market is strong and homes are selling quickly. Not every home is guaranteed to sell immediately, even in a seller’s market. However, there are certain features that sell a home fast. Here’s what Nashville homebuyers are currently coveting:

Laundry rooms

It seems laundry rooms top the list of most wanted features for Nashville home buyers. Young and old, everyone is looking for a separate space for laundry. The more elaborate the better, but any designated area for laundry will ultimately help sell a home faster right now.

Open floor plan


There’s a reason that most new construction homes in Nashville have an open floor plan: it’s highly desirable among homebuyers. Open floor plans provide a seamless transition between rooms, allow more natural light and generally feel more spacious.

Hardwood floors


Another one of the features that sell a home fast? Hardwood floors. It seems Nashville home buyers have a strong preference for hardwoods, at least on the main level living area. Carpet is still preferred by many in the bedrooms and playrooms, but homes with hardwood are selling more quickly than those without.

Outdoor space

Tennessee has milder weather than many other areas for large portions of the year. It’s no wonder that Nashville homeowners love a good deck, patio or porch to enjoy it as much as possible. Whether it’s large or small any outdoor space is an opportunity for entertaining guests or grilling out with the family and it’s definitely helping to sell Nashville homes.

Nashville homes are selling at record pace, even without all the features listed above. But for a Nashville homeowner considering putting a house on the market, these are absolutely features that sell a home fast!

Let us know if you’d like to talk about getting your Nashville home ready to sell quickly this spring! Call DeSelms Real Estate today at 615.550.5565 and talk with our Award Winning REALTORS about our process!

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