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Decorating Tips: How To Make The Most of Your Loft Space


A common feature in many homes is a loft space: an area usually found at the top of stairs, most often without doors and four walls. Sometimes this space confuses homeowners, who aren’t sure how to make it functional. However, we have 3 great decorating tips for how to make the most of your loft space whether you plan to use it or just want to stage your house to sell quickly.

The Library Loft Space

Having a wall of books is a popular decorating trick in many rooms so why not make the most of your loft space with one? It adds visual appeal as well as providing a cozy nook for readers. No readers? Fill your bookcase with interesting collections and highlight those instead!

The Home Office Loft Space

Another fantastic use for loft space is to turn it into a home office area. With more and more people working remotely, if not full time than at least on occasion, a home office loft space is highly desirable for many homeowners. In the past, home offices often meant an entire room. Today’s trends have homeowners more interested in flex space and open floor plans and the home office loft is a perfect solution.

The Kids’ Loft Space

Kids could also make great use of a loft space. For older children and teenagers, a loft space is easily converted to a study area.
For smaller kids the loft space can become a separate play area. In fact, using loft space for this purpose allows homeowners to keep kids’ toys out of the main living areas and neatly tucked into a specific spot. It’s also great for parents who want to let kids explore playing independently, while still keeping an eye on them.

These are just a few ideas to turn your unused square footage into ways to make the most of your loft space. Creating the most of your loft space makes it more enjoyable for you and makes it easy for potential homebuyers to visualize living in it too.

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