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A Day In The Life Of A Listing Agent

Kenny Stephens
Kenny Stephens

Today we’re shining the spotlight on one of our listing agents, Kenny Stephens, who breaks down what A Day In The Life of an agent entails (and give you a sneak peek at what you can expect, while working with one): 

What A Listing Agent Does 

The Agents at DeSelms Real Estate who focus on “Listing Homes” as their area of expertise have the best job in Real Estate. We have one chance to make a connection with a family, we likely have never met and within a two hour window, we will ask them to entrust their most valuable asset to our care. 

Success is in the details. Researching the market value of a home takes time and experience, but it’s more than hardwoods vs. carpet, bright colors vs. earth tones. It’s about the home and family in it’s totality.

What You Can Expect

Upon arrival, we always ask a family to give us a tour of their home and during the tour, we listen for things they really like about their home and often get to hear life stories lived within those bricks and mortar. 

Families often point out tares in the carpet from a pesky cat or nicks in the wall from where it appeared they used a pick ax to remove the 1970’s wallpaper. We get to look at their family pictures as we move from room to room and relate to the ugly green chair in the corner of a bedroom that’s worn and tethered, yet has memories embedded in every inch of it’s fabric.

We usually end up at the kitchen table where we share about our Team, the selling process and how we will plug their home into our “well oiled marketing machine”. Our goal is to build life long personal & business relationships with the families we serve, not only becoming friends but becoming their Agent for life! 

Price Points 

Some Agents get hung up on the sales price. We know the “Market” determines the price, but our job is to make the selling process virtually painless. We believe success truly is in the details and we have the details nailed down to a science.

The process we have created allows our listing Agents the freedom to “live life” with our selling families. Listing homes for sale really is the best job in Real Estate.                      

If you have a home to list, or questions regarding the process, we’d be glad to help! Give us a call today. at 615.550.5565

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