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Considerations For Loft Living


Loft units hold a very specific appeal for homebuyers. For most loft owners, the space is centrally located in an urban area that is close enough to work that owning a car can be optional. Add in a very open living space, the excitement of owning real estate in a downtown section of town, and many people are hooked. However, loft living can present some unique challenges. Here are some particular considerations for loft living:

  • Not a lot of privacy – Lofts are traditionally built out of large, industrial spaces that were not intended to become homes. Thus, developers usually leave the spaces wide open, with minimal interior walls. While this is fantastic for an individual or couple, it could be tough for roommates and/or families.
  • Not much storage – Nearly all lofts lack adequate storage options. This can easily be overcome with multi-tasking furniture, but it is something to consider if you tend to hold on to things.
  • Higher heating/cooling costs – With supremely attractive high ceilings, like most lofts typically have, comes the not so attractive utility costs to keep your loft adequately heated and cooled. Before purchasing a loft, ask for the normal cost of utilities so you are not caught unaware.
  • Decorating – Sure, this one sounds relatively unimportant, but remember — most lofts are one big space. Getting the right furniture and décor that give a cohesive look to your home may be harder, and more expensive, than you think.

Most people think long and hard about purchasing a new home, and purchasing a loft unit is no different; you should weight all the pros and cons before buying. If you would like to look at loft units in the Nashville area, give us a call and we are happy to help show you around town! DeSelms Real Estate 615.550.5565

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