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Closing Checklist for Buyers

There is nothing quite as joyful as closing, when it comes to buying and selling a home. At this stage in the process, all the hard work (on both sides) has been achieved. For a buyer, the dream of moving into a dream home is nearly realized, and for a seller, the ability to move on to the next home while turning the old home over to a new, happy family is a wonderful thing.


While this is an exciting time, there are still quite a few details that must be handled before the final signing of the contract on the closing date. Here is a closing checklist for buyers to keep in mind.

Preparing to Move

Now is the time to reserve a moving truck or schedule a moving service, organize your home and pack up your belongings. Make sure your children are set up at the new school, and if possible, have a play date with family or friends set up for the closing date (if the closing is not during school hours).


Once the closing date is schedule with the closing attorney, it’s time to notify the lender to order appraisal. Next, be sure to contact your insurance company to transfer the policy from your old home to the new one. You’ll want your homeowner’s policy to be in effect on the day of the closing. Now is also a great time to begin the change of address process at the post office.


A few days before the closing, your agent will make sure the repair items in the inspection amendment have been addressed. Now is the time to also talk with your agent about whether or not you should purchase title insurance, and request copies of all the paperwork from the closing attorney for your records. Right before the closing, be sure to do a walk-through to double check the condition of the home, and the items corrected from the inspection list.

On the day of the closing, you’ll be ready to go! All you need is a copy of your license (or approved photo ID) for the title company, and any additional documents requested by the lender. Be sure to get a photo after the closing, because this is a moment you’ll want to remember!


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