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When Is The Best Time To Buy A House?


One of the most common questions we get as Nashville area REALTORS® is “When is the best time to buy a house?” We understand that homebuyers want and need the best real estate listing possible for the best price possible. However, there is no one single rule for finding that perfect home listing. Many factors contribute to when people list their houses for sale: job transfers, life changes, etc. That means that incredible listings become available every day in the Nashville area. So, rather than have one specific time to buy a house, let’s look at the pros and cons of each season:

Buying a house in the Spring

Spring has long been a popular time for both buying and selling houses in Nashville. Longer daylight hours and warmer weather provide the best possible conditions for house hunting; beautiful natural light and blooming landscaping make homes particularly enticing this time of year. Many home sellers wait out the winter months to list in the Spring, which means that inventory is generally higher as well.

However, a downside to all of this can be the price. Since there are also more home buyers in the Spring, the seller may be able to ask for a higher price. Another con is that with increased competition, a home could be snatched up quickly by another interested buyer before you’ve had time to make an offer.

Buying a house in the Summer

Summer is the second most popular time to sell a house in Nashville, which also makes it busy for buying a house in Nashville. Families often wait through spring before listing their property in order to let kids finish out the school year. In the earlier part of summer, this also when a house will look it’s best, with all landscaping and yards in peak condition. For a home buyer looking to move into a neighborhood, this is often the ideal time as it’s easier to meet new neighbors and adjust to a new area during the long summer days.

Just like spring, the downside to buying a house in the summer will be competition and price. Chances are, most families would like to be settled in prior to school starting in the fall and are more likely to pay premium prices for that opportunity. If a bidding war sounds too stressful, perhaps summer isn’t the right time for you to buy a house.

Buying a house in the Fall

The fall can be an excellent time to buy a house in Nashville. With the increased inventory from spring and summer, there may be many home buying options still left on the market.  For families who wanted to leave before the new school year started, they may be more willing to negotiate now on price.  Buying in the fall also means getting year end tax breaks, as well as moving during a more moderate climate. Nashville is known for having particularly beautiful weather in the fall.

The biggest downside for buying a house in the fall can be timing. Trying to relocate family once a new school year has started can be difficult. This is also the time of year when inventory starts slowing down so fewer options are available.

Buying a house in the Winter

Looking at real estate in the winter can be a fantastic opportunity for Nashville home buyers. Home sellers are likely to negotiate now more than ever, as fewer buyers are in the market. The absolute best possible time to get the best possible price? Try just before the holidays.

Since the winter months tend to be long, cold and barren, houses don’t look their best this time of year, which means inventory is generally at it’s lowest in Nashville. Harsh weather and busy holidays can also make moving in the winter extra stressful for families. However, the winter of 2013 was a good one for real estate in Nashville, which just goes to show that there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to which is the best time of year for buying a home.

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11 Responses to “When Is The Best Time To Buy A House?”

  • I did appreciate it when you said that winter is a good time to buy a house since sellers are more willing to negotiate over the prices since there are fewer buyers that they need to pay attention to. If that is the case, then I will suggest that we buy the house during the winter seeing that my parents are not exactly rushing either. Of course, we will not forget to hire a real estate agent. It was just good that we received a few other pointers. Thanks!

  • Of the things that you said, what I liked the most was when you talked about how good it is to shop for a house during the winter season since more sellers are willing to negotiate as there are fewer buyers in the market. If so, then I will suggest this to my parents since I do not think they are rushing into buying a house. Buying a house during the winter season made me think that there is a higher chance of getting a good home for a great price. Thanks!

  • It sure seems nice when you said that buying during the fall will benefit from the increase in inventory as well as negotiate with active sellers who immediately want to make a sale. If so, then I will be sure to mention to my parents to buy a home during the fall season. What they want the most to have as many options of houses as possible since they can be pretty picky. Thank you for sharing this information.

  • I liked how you pointed out that buying a home in the fall is a good idea because there are still houses available as well as the idea that homeowners might be willing to negotiate on the price. For me, I think I can wait until fall since I am not extremely picky when it comes to the house. As long as provides the safety I need, I’ll be fine. Aside from this, it would be nice if I can save money. If buying in the fall will make this happen, then I will.

  • You mentioned that buying a house in the winter is a good idea since sellers are more likely to negotiate due to the decreased number of buyers. If that is true, then I do not think there is a problem with me waiting a bit before I start looking for a new home to move into. After all, I am not really rushing, and if anything, what’s important for me is that I save money on such a big investment. Thank you for the ideas.

  • It was great when you said that buying in the winter is perfect because of the idea that sellers are more than willing to negotiate due to a lack of buyers. My idea of buying a house in the winter season was correct if that is the case. I just thought that I would buy before the new year because I know that there won’t be that many people outside. I didn’t realize that there will also be less competition. Now I’m excited.

  • I liked it when you said that buying is the summer is beneficial because there is an increased inventory, the children will be out of school, and it is the perfect time to meet and greet new neighbors. Since the kids really want to come with us when choosing the new house, I think it really is best to buy during the summer. After all, they do have a say in whether or not we will go for it. Thank you.

  • You mentioned that by buying a house in the summer, it will allow me to meet my new neighbors easier, and I will adjust to the new area during the summer easier. Since my mom is all about friendships and making new friends in a new location, surely she would love to buy a house during the summer. We are not in a rush anyway and can surely wait until next year to look for a new house to move into.

  • Thank you for explaining how most sellers tend to be more open to negotiating in the winter since there is typically a lower number of buyers during that time. I remember my brother mentioning how he was planning on moving to a new area for work, but he needs to find an affordable home in a safe neighborhood so that his children can safely play outside. Maybe he should consider finding a professional that can help him find what he needs.

  • I didn’t know that the lack of buyers that are present during the winter might make sellers more open to negotiating. My wife and I have been interested in buying a house before we have our first child this year, but we may have to negotiate the price since my job is currently our only source of income. We’ll find a realtor that can help us find a seller that is willing to make a compromise.

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