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Avoid Legal Battles When Buying a Home


Buying a home can be an exciting process, but it is also one that can be full of pitfalls if you’ve never done it before. If you haven’t done your research properly on the home before buying it, we know the process can go awry. Here is what you should know beforehand, so you can avoid legal battles when buying a home:


The seller is required to tell you about any known problems with the property like a roof leak, basement drainage problems or sewage issues. The problem is that some homeowners might not disclose an issue with the home, and later, will claim not to have known about it. It’s unfortunate, but it’s happened. A buyer must be diligent and hire their own inspector to look for problems. or you could be asking for legal troubles down the road as repair bills mount. The seller could refuse to pay the repairs, and you’d have to take that person to court to fight them.

Property Disputes

Sometimes, there are property disputes with neighbors that could have been ongoing for years. When you buy a home, you inherit all the problems with the home as well. Homeowners should inform you of any problems before the sale, and you could certainly sue if they fail to let you know about the dispute. Unfortunately, you’d be in two legal battles. One with the former homeowner, and one with your new neighbor.


Before buying a home, you should do a title search to find out if there are liens against the home or outstanding debts. When you buy the home, you could be required to take on the debts, whether you knew about them or not. If you can find out about any outstanding debts before the sale, you could avoid buying that kind of headache.

A professional real estate agent helps to take most of the legal and research burdens from your shoulders. They know how to do a title search, find the best inspectors, learn about property disputes and fill out all the necessary documents to make sure you’re not buying a home with legal problems in its background. When you go it alone, you’re responsible for all of the research, and most homeowners are not equipped with the knowledge and resources to get a clean home with no issues.

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