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$500 Upgrades: Getting The Most Bang For Your Buck


If you’ve been dreaming about marble countertops but you bank account suggests laminate, then read on for how to make the most of  quick $500 upgrades. 

  • Curb appeal  – There is nothing like giving the front of your house a mini-overhaul to make a big impact. While completely redoing the landscaping may be too tough, try some smaller fixes instead. For example, for $500 or less you could: paint the front door a fun color, add some colorful pots of flowers, swap out your exterior lighting for something newer and more modern, and add uplighting. The other easiest way to enhance your curb appeal is even cheaper: clean up landscaping, pull weeds, trim shrubs, etc. Trust us, neat and tidy landscaping adds instant charm.
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  • Paint – Granted, if you don’t want to do the painting yourself then you may be limited on how many rooms can be painted for $500. However, with some hard work and patience you could potentially re-paint several rooms for that same price. Freshly painted rooms automatically upgrade a home, which is why it’s so often done when putting a house up for sale.
  • Replace fixtures – Changing lighting fixtures is an easy way to create a facelift for your home. While you could spend thousands on a single fixture, big box stores like Lowe’s and Home Depot have surprisingly inexpensive, modern options. Same with bath/kitchen fixtures. Rather than completely redoing a whole room, try replacing the fixtures to bring that room up to date.
  • DIY in the kitchen – The average cost of a kitchen makeover is roughly $20,000. Obviously, smaller remodels can be less but countertops alone can easily run $3,000-$6,000. Simply changing out the knobs is one way to change the entire look of the room, but if you have enough DIY you can easily repaint your cabinets for less than $500, giving your entire kitchen a brand new feel. One other possibility for under $500? Try adding a backsplash for visual interest.
  • Organize anything: From pantries to closets or even the garage, investing some money in organization not only makes life easier at home, but it can add value to your house. Modernize cluttered areas with shelving and storage options that make those areas more useful as well as more visually appealing.

The best part about spending a little time, money and energy on your home upgrades is that they often make a home that much easier to sell later.  In fact, any of these suggestions are a good place to start if you are considering selling your home in the coming year and don’t want to tackle large, expensive projects!

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