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5 Need To Know Facts About Germantown


Buying a home in Nashville comes with a multitude of questions, especially if you are relocating or unfamiliar with the Nashville area. Real estate agents are often the main resource for a new homeowner and can be of great assistance in answering questions. However, the answers will depend entirely on the questions asked, and a stressed homeowner may overlook a key question or two. 

Like every major city, Nashville has a wide variety of neighborhoods and surrounding areas. Each one offers pros and cons and has its own slightly unique “personality.” Each Friday, a post will be dedicated to highlighting one of these areas to let potential homeowners learn about Nashville. 

This week, here are 5 need-to-know facts about Germantown:

  1. It’s historical – Germantown was actually the first residential neighborhood in Nashville. The area was originally inhabited by a large population of German immigrants who happened to settle in the area, hence the name.
  2. It’s home to the Farmer’s MarketThe Nashville Farmer’s Market is open year round and includes a variety of local farmers, entrepreneurs and artisans. Special events also take place throughout the year, including culinary classes.
  3. It’s small but busy – Germantown consists of a mere 18 blocks. However, in recent years these blocks have seen an increase in well-received restaurants and shops. There is also a grocery store, a drug store and other amenities for the community that make it easy to find most everything within the neighborhood.
  4. Housing options are varied – Germantown offers a surprising number of housing opportunities, ranging from townhouses to traditional homes to a new cohousing condo development. This also means the residents vary from singles to families, all happily living in this diverse community.
  5. Convenient to Nashville – One of the best part about Germantown is its accessibility to downtown Nashville.
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