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5 Need To Know Facts About Berry Hill



Buying a home in Nashville comes with a multitude of questions, especially if you are relocating or unfamiliar with the Nashville area. Real estate agents are often the main resource for a new homeowner and can be of great assistance in answering questions. However, the answers will depend entirely on the questions asked, and a stressed homeowner may overlook a key question or two.

Like every major city, Nashville has a wide variety of neighborhoods and surrounding areas. Each one offers pros and cons and has its own slightly unique “personality.” Today’s post is dedicated to highlighting one of these areas to let potential homeowners learn about Nashville.

This week, here are 5 need-to-know facts about Berry Hill:

  1. It’s tiny – Berry Hill is actually a satellite city, which means it is a separately incorporated city within Nashville. But it’s only one square mile and has just under 600 residents,making it the smallest satellite city in Nashville.
  2. It’s packed with businesses – for being so tiny, Berry Hill sure does pack a wallop – there are over 400 businesses in the area and everything you need is there from chiropractors to yoga studios to dentists and dog trainers.
  3. It’s musical – There are over 40 recording studios tucked in the Berry Hill area so get ready to play spot the musician if you live here.
  4. It’s known for fun & funky – This tiny community is close knit and eclectic, but overall is known for being both fun and funky. Taking a stroll down the Berry Hill neighborhood streets you will find equal numbers of kids, dogs and people.
  5. It’s young – While there are several houses in Berry Hill, many have been divided up into rental units to accommodate the younger residents moving into the area. There is also a new apartment development in construction right now that will bring even more urban dwellers to Berry Hill.

In the past few years, Berry Hill has become a well kept secret in Nashville, known for it’s fun and eclectic community. With the new developments in the area, it will continue to grow and eve love into an even more urban hotspot.

If you are interested in looking at properties in Berry Hill or other urban Nashville neighborhoods, call our office and we can show you what’s currently available.

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