5 Need To Know Facts About Midtown


    Buying a home in Nashville comes with a multitude of questions, especially if you are relocating or unfamiliar with the Nashville area. Real estate agents are often the main resource for a new homeowner and can be of great assistance in answering questions. However, the answers will depend entirely on the questions asked, and a stressed homeowner may overlook a key question or two. 

    Like every major city, Nashville has a wide variety of neighborhoods and surrounding areas. Each one offers pros and cons and has its own slightly unique “personality.” Today’s post is dedicated to highlighting one of these areas to let potential homeowners learn about Nashville.

    This week, here are 5 need-to-know facts about Midtown:

    • It’s pretty big – since the term Midtown is fairly open, the boundaries for this area range from near Belmont and Hillsboro Village to the just south of Downtown Nashville, by the Gulch. This is important because wanting to look in Midtown Nashville could put in you in vastly different areas.
    • It’s got a lot of bars – Okay, the area definitely has more than just a bar scene, but it is heavily laden with bars and restaurants that stay open late night.
    • It was ranked as Best Place To Retire by CNN – Despite all the bars (or maybe because of them?) CNN Money actually picked Midtown as one of its best areas to retire. With so many walkable options and a quick cab ride into Downtown Nashville, Midtown is perfect for anyone who likes condo living and a lot of activity.
    • Not great for families – Certain pockets within the Midtown collective are family friendly, like Sylvan Park. However, for most of the Midtown residents, it’s apartments and condos and a lot of trendy boutiques and places to eat.
    • You can meet more locals – Since most of the tourists coming to Nashville wind up in the honky tonks downtown, Midtown is really more of a local area. This is where residents from all over Nashville and surrounding areas land to eat, drink, and play.

    Are you  interested in seeing what real estate listings are available in Nashville’s Midtown? Let us know and we can help you find the right place!

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