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4 (Additional) Things To Check When Buying A Home



Falling in love with a home’s curb appeal is usually the first step toward buying it. If you continue with the process, a home inspection will be completed by a trained professional and should reveal any major concerns. However, there are a few things that home buyers should also check that fall somewhat outside of the inspection. Taking the time to scope these things out could influence a decision about buying as they may involve repairs sooner rather than later.

Here are 4 additional things to check when buying a home:

  • Drains, faucets, and toilets – Most people don’t think about how long it takes a tub to drain when buying a home or flushing all the toilets or running the showers for a moment. However, issues with any of these places may indicate a sewer line or plumbing problem. Best to know on the front end what you may be dealing with in fixing these problems.
  • Windows – Another commonly overlooked element are the home’s windows. Many times window are sticky or won’t open at all. This can be a larger than anticipated cost for new homeowners if all the windows need replacing!
  • Electrical panel, outlets, and switches – Open up the panel box and check for loose wires, or a tangled mess. Double check all light switches and (at least main) outlets for use. There’s nothing worse than buying a house and realizing overhead lights don’t work, or that multiple broken outlets in a room limit the placement of things like TV.
  • Heat/Air – Yes, it’s weird to turn on the air conditioner in the winter or the heat in the summer. But best to be sure that the unit is in working order prior to buying a home.

The home inspection is designed to find any serious concerns or major flaws within a home. Still, it’s disappointing to move into a new home only to find expensive repairs are needed quickly. Checking these 4 things when buying a home can help homebuyers be prepared rather than caught off guard by any surprises!

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