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4 Signs You Aren’t Actually Ready To Sell


When a real estate market heats up it can cause many homeowners to pause and wonder if perhaps now is the right time to list their house. For those desperately needing more space or looking to make a lifestyle change the answer could be obvious. However, for others it’s not as simple to determine. After all, shopping for a new home can be fun: browsing at homes online or in person, daydreaming about all the new features or upgrades you can enjoy. But then again, there’s still the process of selling your own home. At first glance you may think you are ready to sell, but before you list you want to be 100% certain. Here are 4 signs you aren’t actually ready to sell.

You have no plan

If you are most interested in getting the most money you can from your house and not considering what happens after it sells, you aren’t ready. Houses are selling within days here in Nashville and if you aren’t sure what happens when yours sells, it’s probably not a good idea to list it. If you have ideas about where to head next, look into the reality of making them happen. Otherwise, you may need to wait a little longer while you take the necessary steps for making future plans.


You’re too emotionally attached

Most homeowners develop an emotional attachment to a house. That’s where we spend a lot of time, energy and money. Memories and moments are made in homes. But, if you can’t bear to think about strangers moving into the house where your babies grew up, then it might be good to hit pause. Be sure you are mentally and emotionally prepared to move on before you try to move out.


You ideal listing price is…well, ideal

If your ideal listing price is 10% or higher than the current market values, you may be setting yourself up for a long and disappointing process. If real estate agents consistently suggest listing prices lower than what you want to get, it’s probably not a good sign. Overpricing your home is an all-too common home selling mistake. It’s easily avoided by working with an experienced REALTOR, but you have to be willing to hear what he/she tells you regarding pricing.


You don’t want to do anything

If there is clutter, outdated appliances, or damage to the home it will all need to be taken care of to get the best possible price in the shortest possible time frame. If you aren’t willing to take steps to clean, de-clutter and potentially make small repairs, you aren’t ready to sell.





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