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3 Traits All Successful REALTORS Share


Despite what Briggs Myers’ tests say, we’ve found there are as many types of personalities in real estate as there are shades of white in paint. Introverts and extroverts both find equal satisfaction and prosperity in the industry as do individual performers and team players. So, what is it that makes the difference between a successful REALTOR and one who struggles? Despite a wide variety of personal characteristics and quirks, there are certain qualities that we find in all top REALTORs.

Here are 3 traits all successful REALTORS share. 


One of the biggest indicators an agent or REALTOR will make it is the amount of passion they have for their career. This goes beyond just the job and extends into the industry itself and into an intensely high level of commitment. That commitment can be felt by co-workers, friends, family and clients. These REALTORs create and stick to goals and plans and dream big all at the same time. You will run into a REALTOR that just can’t stop talking about the housing industry, the community he/she is part of, or the clients he/she helps each day – and that’s the kind you want helping you!



The best REALTORs also have very strong communication skills. They return phone calls, emails and texts promptly and professionally. They don’t mind explaining all parts of the buying or selling process with clients. Clients feel valued and important with REALTORs who communicate well, which means those clients will also give referrals. And successful REALTORs will use those same communication skills to reach out and network with referrals. It’s a lovely cycle that produces a lot of results for agents who understand and value it.


Successful REALTORs also pride themselves on being experts – within their community, within certain neighborhoods, within certain types of sales or properties. A strong agent becomes an expert by diving in whole-heartedly and continuously seeking out more opportunities for learning and growth. Real Estate markets and laws change very, very quickly and REALTORs who take pride in staying on top of the most current information will be the most successful.

We’ve seen many Nashville REALTORs come and go from the industry. However, those that succeed inevitably share these 3 traits. At DeSelms Real Estate we value these qualities and have built a team that consistently produces top REALTORs. If you think you’d enjoy working in an environment that promotes and supports successful REALTORS call DeSelms Real Estate today at 615.550.5565!


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