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3 Things Aging Your House


Do you know if there are things aging your house? There will always be trends in both home design and home decor. Often these are dictated by changes in lifestyle trends, such as the increased desire for open floor plans. Sometimes it’s just an indication of the preferences of newer generations. For example, stainless steel was once thought to be too “industrial” for residential kitchens; now it’s a must-have for many homebuyers.

There’s no point in remodeling every time a new color palette comes in style. However, there are certain features that make a house feel stuck in a time warp. These will inevitably turn off potential buyers and lead to low-ball offers.

If you plan on selling your Nashville home in the future watch out for these 3 things aging your house:

  • Popcorn ceilings – Want to know what can send homebuyers running from your otherwise lovely home? Popcorn ceilings. Considering that these haven’t been used much since the 1980s, popcorn ceilings may definitely be aging your house unnecessarily. It can be messy and tricky to remove, but here’s one DIY method or you could even completely transform it like this. Either way, your are bound to get a better offer without the popcorn ceilings!
  • Weirdly colored tile – Another culprit that could be aging your house? Colored tile. While not all colored tile is offensive, the browns and oranges from the 70s or the pinks and blues from the 80s just don’t hold up with today’s neutral color schemes. It’s really tough to sell a home as “recently renovated” if it’s still rocking a mauve countertop.
  • Bad carpet – Finally, any out of date or worn-out carpet could be aging your house more than you realize. Perhaps it doesn’t seem that old to you or maybe you recently had it steam-cleaned, but trust us – NO homebuyers want to deal with bad carpet.

While no home seller wants to undertake a full remodel just to sell a home, certain things can make your house feel even older than it is. Pay attention to these and you can minimize your updates while maximizing your profits!

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