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3 Signs You Need A New REALTOR



For first time homebuyers and sellers it can be daunting to consider choosing the right real estate agent. Many people have friends, neighbors or family that are licensed and the temptation to use a familiar face is strong. Sometimes that’s actually the right agent too. Other times, blindly choosing an agent without full knowledge of his/her career can create disappointment and frustration. Here are three red flags it’s time to get a new agent.

1. Confidence Issues

Home buyers and sellers should feel confident in who they hire, but it’s hard to place that kind of trust in someone who seems to be lacking leadership. A good real estate agent should be able to offer tips and advice, even if they aren’t what clients always want to hear. An agent who’s too quick to agree with clients may not have what it takes to handle a tough negotiation later.

On the flip side, an overconfident agent may not adequately hear or respond to client needs. Overbearing, rude or agents who push clients into doing things they aren’t comfortable with should be avoided at all costs. No homebuyers need to feel pressure to buy a home far outside their budget and no home seller should feel forced to take an offer that makes them uneasy.

2. Communication issues

It is absolutely essential to select an agent that communicated promptly and consistently. This does not mean that real estate agents should be at the beck and call of clients 24/7. However, in tight markets, like Nashville, it’s very important for buyers to jump on available houses immediately. Wait too long and the house will be off the market. Be sure to discuss expectations and reasonable timeframes for communication before hiring an agent.

3. Disorganized 

If your agent seems to always run late, misses deadlines and forget paperwork they may just be highly disorganized. Perhaps it’s because that agent has too many clients or too little time. Regardless, a good agent will be sure that clients are treated with utmost respect and professional behavior. No home buyer or seller wants to be caught on closing day with a missing document or overlooked detail!


We aren’t going to lie – being a real estate agent is a tough job. But great agents not only know how to handle the job – they thrive on it!  That’s why at DeSelms Real Estate we work together as a team so that all clients are guaranteed the best possible experience with the least amount of stress. So, if you considering buying or selling a Nashville home soon, call us at 615.550.5565 and see how we can help you with the process.


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2 Responses to “3 Signs You Need A New REALTOR”

  • I’m glad you mentioned it’s important to have good communication with a real estate agent. One of my cousins is visiting us for a few weeks, and she doesn’t want to stay at a hotel or with the family. She wants to stay at a house or apartment, so she asked me if I could help her out. I believe it’ll be much better to hire a professional, so I’ll be sure to follow your advice. Thanks for the information about how to know if you have a reliable real estate agent.

  • My sister would like to buy a luxury home this year because this has always been her dream. Well, you made a pretty good point that it would be smarter to hire a realtor since they will provide tips and tricks regarding the current market. You are also right that a professional service will them with the closing agreement.

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