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10 Reasons Our Hearts Belong To Nashville


Oh Nashville, how we love thee! Let us count the ways…

1. Music, music, and more music

Y’all- did you see how  many Nashville musicians were there to represent at the Grammys?!! Almost 20 trophies went home with Nashville stars, and plenty more were nominated. Yes, this town is called Music City for a reason and those of us who live here LOVE that!

2. Being an “It” city

It’s nice to see Nashville getting attention from other parts of the country. Of course, natives have always known how fabulous it is to live here but lately a whole lot of people seem to get it too. The benefit is an increase in restaurants, retailers and other entertainment attractions that we can all enjoy.

3. But still has small town charm

Ok, so maybe Nashville is suddenly on everyone’s radar but that doesn’t mean the people who live here won’t still ask about your day and how your family is doing. This is Nashville – where most people still smile, wave hello and hold the door open for you. Some natives were concerned that more new people moving here would change that. We’ve noticed a funny thing though; most people who move here love that charm of this city and work to maintain it too.

4. Creativity abounds

There are multiple art crawls, galleries and festivals throughout the year. We’ve already mentioned the music scene.  There’s a growing fashion scene, upcoming jewelry scene, and an incredible culinary scene. Nashville continues to attract artists of all genres and mediums and we continue to support that!

5. Fabulous for foodies

The dining in Nashville is well documented at this point. We have so many incredible chefs and restaurants to choose from, it’s almost hard to choose. And for those who still prefer the good old fashioned meat and threes, well we have plenty of those too.

6. Weather

This winter is almost too good to be true for those of us who don’t like it too cold. While other parts of the country may poke fun at how quickly schools close at the first sign of snow, we know they are just envious of our 70 degree days in mid-February.

7. Opportunity

From tech to healthcare, there is an abundance of opportunity in Nashville. The economy has remained stable for years, with increasing success among entrepreneurs and small business owners. We don’t see that changing any time soon either.

8. Natural Beauty

You know how some major cities are nothing but concrete and high rises? Not Nashville! There are multiple ares of outstanding beauty in and around Nashville that keep us in awe. Want a lovely drive? Try the Natchez Trace in early spring or late fall. Love waterfalls? We’ve got Cummins Falls, Burgess Falls and Fall Creek Falls within a couple hours. They make great day trips. Looking for a hike? Hit Radnor Lake or Percy Werner Parks and you’ll forget you are even in Nashville. Plus, there are plenty of other greenways both within and surrounding Nashville that feed our nature-loving hearts throughout the year.

9. Faith is celebrated but all are welcome

Just walk around and you can’t help but hear a conversation about religion at every corner. For some, this could take getting used to and for others it could be just what they’ve been looking for. Either way, people here still enjoy learning about new religions and culture and believe in being kind to everyone.  In fact, Nashville is home to the largest Kurdish population in the country and have long been embraced by the community. It’s amazing to live in a place where one’s faith is celebrated and so are cultural differences.

10. The people

Really, it just comes down to the people in Nashville. Music City seems to attract a certain kind of resident: people who love family, community, history, culture and progress all at once. It’s a mix of the eccentric, the traditional, the conservative and the liberal. Yet, the city has a very old reputation for peace and kindness among these different groups of people as they all live, work and play together. And we couldn’t love it more!


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